May 21, 2017

Kicking the week off with a pop-up sales event!

Lots of oldies but goodies at a fraction of the original prices.
Contact me right away by email (, if you'd like to make a purchase. 
Please note both the title and number of the painting as it appears here.
Shipping will be additional. Paypal only please.
Thank you......happy shopping!

1. 8x10" waves crashing over rocks, acrylic. No frame. $50

 2. 8x10" beach palm tree, acrylic. No frame. $50

  3. 8x10" large white wave, acrylic. No frame. $50

 4. 8x10" overlooking rocks and sea, acrylic. No frame. $50

 5. 12x16" Pastor Jeff's House, oil. No frame. $75

 6. 12x16" Up on Lust Road Hill, oil. No frame. $75

7. 12x16" sunset road scene, oil. No frame. $75

8. 4x4" Impatience II, oil. No frame. $25

9. 5x7" Twilight Reflection, oil. No frame. $40

10. 4x6" mountain abstract, oil. No frame. $40

12. 5x7" From Quiet Corner, oil. No frame. $40

13. 5x7" Limekiln State Park 1, oil. No frame. $40

14. 5x7" Limekiln State Park 2, oil. No frame. $40

15. 6x6" Valley View, oil. No frame. $40

16. 6x8" Home in the Woods, oil. No frame. $45

17. 8x10" Cools of the Forest, oil. No frame. $55

18. 8x10" Connie's Pasture, oil. No frame. $55

19. 8x10" Morning Feed, oil. No frame. $55

20. 8.5x11" Shropshire Orchids, oil. No frame. $55

21. 12x12" Desert Brush, oil. No frame. $75

22. 11x14" Polasek Trees, oil. No frame. $75

23. 11x14" Pastoral Peace, oil. No frame. $75

24. 11x14" Cools of the Forest, oil. No frame. $75

 25. 6x6" Desert Mount, oil. No frame. $50

26. 4x4" Amber Fall, oil. No frame. $20

27. 3x3" Rocks, Trees & Water, oil. With frame. $25

28. 3x3" Dusk in Cream, oil. With frame. $25

29. 9x12" A Nice Merlot, acrylic. No frame. $75

Apr 25, 2017

"Blue Water Wings"

"Blue Water Wings" $125
4x4" oil on gessoboard. Sally Shisler, 2017.
Please inquire by email at

Can't believe it's now only 3 months 'til I finish school and begin practicing as an Occupational Therapy practitioner! It was seeming like a long haul when I last posted on this blog, but soon the dream will be reality. My last post gives an idea of the direction I'm heading in OT. I had the honor of working with traumatic brain injury and stroke patients last term. These are very unique individuals with complex rehab needs that combine mental and physical recovery. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a major player. Happily, art therapy has proven to be a very effective form of remediation! I'll be delving deeply into the how's and why's of it while writing my last research paper before I graduate. It's going to be a very busy 3 months. Stay tuned for my next post : )

Dec 1, 2016

O Holy Night

"O Holy Night" $100
3x2" oil on canvas. Sally Shisler, 2016.
Please inquire by email at

I hope to bring you little gems each day of December. May we celebrate the spirit of the season by welcoming peace, joy, and love into our hearts. This first painting was inspired by a vintage angel figurine. All that came to mind was the reverent and powerful hymn, O Holy Night.

Nov 20, 2016

"Everything Old is New Again", Sally Shisler

"Everything Old is New Again"
10x8"- $300. Sally Shisler, 2016.
Please inquire by email at

Greetings to all my devoted followers! Thanks to those of you who have checked in regularly, curious as to my whereabouts, and asking what was going on. To catch you up, this post highlights features of my recent personal journey and also gives you a peek at my new path and some upcoming events.

Life took a sharp, 180-degree turn in the spring and summer of last year; 2015. Anticipating the big '50', I began to question life's purpose. Although fearful and uncertain, I knew I had to make several major decisions. The ones I made have proven to be good. Through the process, I've found myself happier and healthier than ever. I turned 50 in September, and I've landed in the most contented of spaces. Eight months from now I will begin a second career in the field of Occupational Therapy. Some of you may ask what OT is...

"Occupational therapy is the only profession that helps people across the lifespan to do the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of daily activities (occupations). Occupational therapy practitioners enable people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health, and prevent—or live better with—injury, illness, or disability." 

During my studies, (and other major life transitions), I rarely entertained conscious thoughts of my painting days. It was a much needed, clean break for a while. Occasionally I'd question whether or not I would ever pick up a palette knife again. All things come full circle - especially things that pose the greatest of struggles. Slowly, I'm learning to fully embrace the unique gifts that the universe has given me. Sharing them creates space for others to bestow their unique gifts upon me. The process makes us whole.

2017 will be a life-changing year. It begins with my 4th fieldwork rotation at an amazing facility called Neulife Rehabilitation. They serve clients and their families who have suffered devastating effects of catastrophic injuries. Here I'll start developing my own client-centered treatment approach to facilitate holistic therapeutic healing. Palette knife painting will be an important aspect of my patients' physical, mental, and spiritual recovery process. Also, I get to receive the unique gifts that they will certainly be giving to me as part of our experience together. I cannot wait!!

As for my original career in painting, new things are coming up around the bend, including local and regional workshops, as well as a weekly open studio event, starting the first of the year, with my good friend and painting partner, Noreen Coup. Check out her website to for more information on that.

Stay tuned for more details regarding my 2017 workshops. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy viewing my new work. As before, these new works are for direct sale through this blog.

May 15, 2015


All original oil paintings below are priced at $50 each; many include a frame, others do not. Price is still $50.  Unless otherwise indicated, size is 4x4". S/H is an additional $15.  I accept Paypal payment only.  First come/first served, so email me right away if you see something you like!

1. Untitled; 3x3"; comes with frame

 2. Inspiration; 3x3"; comes with frame

 3. Untitled; 3x3" comes with frame

4. Another Country Scene; 4x4"; SOLD

5. Untitled; 5x5"; no frame available
6. Boathouse; 4x4"; SOLD

7. Untitled; 4x4"; no frame available

8. Untitled; 6x6; no frame available

9. A Fall Day; 3.75x3.75"; no frame available

10. In the Shade; 7x5" framed

11. In the Spotlight; 7x5" framed
12. Off the Wall; 4x4"; SOLD

13. Drum Solo; 4x4" SOLD

14. Red Velvet; 5x3" no frame available

15. Twirling - no frame available

16. Under the Umbrella; 4x4" framed.

Mar 22, 2015

Papa's Flippers

Papa's Flippers
4x4" #201507
Oil on linen
Please email me at
for purchase information.

I don't think I have many of you reading my blog anymore!!  :(.  It used to get lots of traffic.  Not sure what's happened; perhaps I've lost some connection somewhere....I've still been sending out emails to my subscribers.  Are you all still there - out there somewhere in the world??


REGISTER NOW TO SECURE YOUR SPOT - FILLING QUICKLY! May 21-23: Just added - The Creative Spirit of Palette Knife: Technique and Philosophy Workshop hosted by Blacksburg Regional Art Assocation in Blacksburg, Virginia (near Roanoke). For more info, contact me at or Lois Stephens at

June 6-8: The Creative Spirit of Palette Knife: Technique and Philosophy Workshop at The Art School in Sandy Springs Atlanta, Georgia. For more info, please call Donna Thomas at 404-313-7356 or email

Private Lessons at my studio in Winter Garden, FL. Cost is $100 for three hours.  For more info, email me at to make an appointment.

This is a fantastic option for students who prefer instruction in the comfort of their own surroundings.  Also great for those who seek guidance on their larger paintings that can't be transported easily.  Email for info.

Sally Shisler - Contemporary Impressionist Painter, A Collection of Palette Knife Paintings from 2011-2014

"Color Mixing for Radiant Harmony in your Paintings". This book will go in depth on how I prepare my colors from careful subject observation through completion of a painting. Step by step color choices and mixing will be diagrammed with detailed written instruction.

Demo and Instructional Videos

Did you miss out on the chance to purchase your favorite original painting?  An image that really sent you...the one that you were certain you had to have because it brought forth a fond memory, told a story, or simply brought fresh joy to your day? This brand new print gallery collection includes my most popular work from the years 2011-2014. Here you will find all of your favorite images. It's a place where you can view and consider each image carefully because here, there is no such thing as "the one that got away".